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Rochdale Ramblers

The group is part of the Manchester and High Peak Area of the Ramblers' Association

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Grading of Walks
Rochdale Ramblers has adopted a revised way of grading the walks which feature on the twice yearly Walks Programmes.
We hope this will give members a more accurate description of each walk helping them to decide the walks they would like to do.
Grades are specifically related to the terrain within a 15 mile radius of Rochdale and are listed below.
If you have any queries about any aspects of the walk please contact the walk leader well before the start of the walk.



Suitable for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience.


Walking boots and  warm, waterproof clothing are recommended.

Terrain Includes un-surfaced country paths that may be narrow, uneven, muddy or overgrown, and obstructions such as stiles, narrow bridges, stepping stones and steps. May be hilly, with a few ascents and descents.


May also include walks that would otherwise be graded easy access or easy but are longer than 8km/5 miles.

Pace Slow or moderate pace; could include otherwise easy walks taken at a moderate pace.





Suitable for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness.


Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.


Terrain As leisurely walks, but with some sustained climbs and perhaps some moderate walking on open hillsides or moor land in the warmer months.

Pace Moderate pace; could include walks on leisurely terrain taken at a brisk pace.




Likely to go over several hill tops

Parts of the walk will be off the beaten track

Over 1500 feet of ascent

Requires a good level of fitness

An overall pace of 2.5 miles per hour including stops

10 miles plus in distance